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3 E-Commerce Tips for Small Businesses

Online selling is one of the best things

Online selling is one of the best things small businesses can do for their success, especially with mobile apps and e-commerce continually on the rise. These three tips from Forrester Research will help you get started.

1. "Mobile friendly" wins the day. With smartphone and tablet usage rising every year (and no end in sight), consumers are using these devices for shopping more and more. If you have a website, congratulations but if it isn’t mobile friendly you could be losing customers without knowing it. The answer is to use responsive web design so your website renders properly regardless of screen size. This allows every user, from the small smartphone user to the large desktop monitor user to see your website as it was meant to be.

2. Find and develop an edge. As a small business you already know that you can’t compete online just based on price. If you want to create a user experience that keeps your customers coming back repeatedly you need to have exceptional service and products. Determine what it is that sets you apart from your competition and build on that. Whether it’s your free shipping, your online chat facility, or your personalized customer service, make it the best in your niche. Whatever it is that makes your business unique, make sure that you make it unmistakable on your homepage.

3. If you haven’t done so already, start to build a database of loyal customers. Internet marketers are known for saying “the money is in the list” and that statement is just as true for online retail businesses. Offline or online, your best customer is a repeat customer. Keep your business foremost in their mind by connecting on a regular basis, either via email or through social media channels. Social media allows you to keep your customers informed and offer them specials at very low cost, use that to your advantage.

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