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3 Simple Tips to Break 100

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By using these 3 tips you will be

By using these 3 tips you will be able to break 100 in no time. The best part about breaking 100 is that it just keeps getting easier for the rest of the rounds you play.

- Play your ball shape not the hole. One of the easiest ways is to find which way you miss the fairway most often. If you usually miss the ball to the right (a slice for a right handed player) then all you have to do is aim at the left edge of the fairway or at the left rough depending on how much you usually miss by.

- The next way is to find the trouble around the green and play around it. If you see that there is a bunker to the right of the green and the pin is in the middle, the best way to avoid getting a big number from inside the bunker would be to aim at the left edge of the green. That way if you hit the ball strait or to the right you get to take a putt. If the ball goes left you have an easy chip with lots of green to work with.

- The last tip is to remember to keep your head down and to hold your finish. That helps you not to over swing and it improves your contact with the ball.

These tips should help you to be able to break 100 for the first time!