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3 Simple Tips to Break 80

If you manage to break 80 you are

If you manage to break 80 you are in the top 2% of all golfers in the world. These 3 tips will help you be able to accomplish that.

- Get a plan. Developing a plan around your game will help you shave off a couple of strokes from your game and it will be a life saver on a new course. Most courses sell a yardage book in their pro shop and you can take 5 minutes before around and write some notes in that book. That will help you a lot after a bad hole because you won’t go for the hero shot, you will stick to your plan and avoid further mistakes.

- Practice your short putts. There's nothing more annoying than having a 4-foot putt and missing it. When you miss those short ones, you lose your momentum and the next one you have you will be feeling some nerves. One of the best drills that I have heard of is to place 4 balls around the hole at 3 feet away. You have to make all 4 in a row before you can move back to 6 feet and then try the same thing. Except if you miss a putt you have to restart from the beginning. Doing this drill regularly you will get better under pressure because you won’t want to make 3 and then miss that last one so it gives you the pressure that you would have on the course.

- Practice your wedges. If you have ever seen pro golf you know that when they have a wedge in their hands you can get ready to see the ball go within 10 feet of the hole giving them a great chance at getting a birdie. You cover the most Distance with your wedges because you use them from just off the green all the way back to 100 or so yards. If you can get better with your wedges that will take a lot of pressure off of your putts.

These tips should help you to get within the top 2% of golfers in the world!