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4 Tips on Cars, Travel & Winter Weather

Winter weather can wreak total havoc on your

Winter weather can wreak total havoc on your car, and bad driving conditions can be dangerous for drivers and passengers alike. Here, Restoration Local offers four tips on staying as safe as possible on the road.

1. Blizzards, ice storms, or just heavy snowfall and freezing rain and sleet can be serious safety and health hazards. It is recommended that local radio and TV broadcasts be monitored in order to keep track of rapidly changing weather conditions. Localized reports can provide conditions in parameters as narrow as a given city street or community.

2. A Winter Storm Watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of a winter storm or blizzard in the immediate area. A Winter Storm Warning means that blizzard conditions are imminent. Citizens should be prepared to respond accordingly.

3. Before conditions deteriorate, it is important to check all battery powered equipment, the food supply, fuel stock, and other vital emergency provisions. It is advised to dress in multiple layers of clothing as this is far more effective for providing warmth than a single layer of thick clothing. While gloves may provide for a greater range of movement, mittens are better suited for keeping hands warm and warding off frostbite. Lungs are susceptible to damage from extremely cold air, so covering the mouth with a scarf to prevent injury to the lungs is recommended.

4. Automobiles should be kept winterized, with adequate anti-freeze, a blade to scrape off the ice, chains or snow tires, and a full tank of gasoline. A winter kit is also encouraged in order to provide temporary provisions and warmth if the vehicle does become stranded in cold, snowy, or icy conditions. If blizzard conditions prevent leaving the car, don’t panic. Turn on the dome light at night, and avoid over exertion and exposure. Do not attempt to make unnecessary trips in snow or ice conditions.

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