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5 Health Tips to Ward Off the Flu

Flu season is in full swing and will peak, as usual, around February. Keeping sickness at bay can be a challenge, but there are some simple everyday things you can do to help keep yourself healthy. Here, Mom's Meals offers five tips to warding off sickness.

1. Eat right! You may hate to admit it, but Mother was right. Be sure to eat, not just three meals a day, but three healthy meals each day to help keep your immune system at the top of its game. For those no longer cooking, or if meal preparation is overwhelming, consider home delivered meals. One company, Mom’s Meals, offers a wide variety of options, prepared by chefs and Registered Dietitians, and many are even designed to fit specific diet restrictions including those on a special renal diet, a diabetes diet, or a heart healthy diet. Meals are delivered directly to any address in the lower 48.

2. Wash your hands! A little thing like washing your hands regularly and thoroughly can go a long way in staying healthy this winter. For those not near a sink, hand sanitizers should be used every hour or so.

3. Exercise! Get out there and get moving! If your old joints are creaking and the thought of walking makes you cringe, try water aerobics, or another low impact form of exercise. Area malls are a great place to walk and window shop at the same time.

4. Let the Sun Shine! Get some sunshine on that face if you can. It provides vitamin D and helps fight off the various germs that can cause the flu.

5. Chill! As the kids say, “Chill,” meaning take a load off, kick your feet up, quit worrying about things you can’t control, and focus on taking care of yourself.

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