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5 Tips for Successful Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is a great hobby for

Classic car restoration is a great hobby for those with automotive interests. Here, Pope Insurance Agency gives five tips on doing it safely and correctly.

1. Formulating a restoration plan is one of the most important steps during this process. This way, stress can be avoided. Creating an organized plan can also reduce the risk of a failed project or injury along the way.

2. Do a thorough inspection, going over the vehicle one section at a time. Take into account the condition of the body parts, interior, electrical, engine, exhaust, suspension, and frame.

3. When planning to disassemble and reassemble an antique car, document the disassembling so confusion can be avoided upon reassembling. Write down some notes about how parts fit together, or take pictures and even video of the disassembling process.

4. Restoring a car can be a dangerous undertaking if experience is lacking. This is why using the correct protective equipment such as ear plugs, safety glasses, leather gloves, etc. will help protect health and safety.

5. Depending on what type of vehicle you are working on, whether it is one of the most common antique cars or a rare one, the number of parts used can vary, but also be numerous. Therefore, the ability to easily find any given part will be key to staying productive and maintaining safety.

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