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5 Tips to Begin Getting Back Into Shape

You can't force fitness, especially not all at

You can't force fitness, especially not all at once. Getting into shape (or back into shape) takes awhile, and if you start too quickly you can burn out or injure yourself. Here, Dr. Armin Tehrany from Manhattan Orthopedic Care offers five tips to get you started.

1. Take the stairs
Walk up and down the home stairs to warm-up for leg squats, push-ups, and leg raises.
2. Throw a dance party
Dancing is a great cardio exercise - it's fun, burns lots of calories, and keeps you fit. Don't be shy if you're not that great at it. Grab a few friends, play some music and improvise.
3. Try Martial Arts
If you still feel like dancing isn't quite your thing, try martial arts. Do some Kung fu, Taekwondo or Tai Chi.
4. Do some Yoga
Yoga can be a profound experience, both physically and spiritually.
5. Play Games
Get yourself a Nintendo WII or Microsoft Kinect - both have motion sensing sports games that are a perfect combination of fun and healthy!

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