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5 Tips to Prevent Cyber Scams

Cyber security and personal finance go hand in hand. Keep yourself safe with these five tips from Scambook.

1. Increase Cyber Security. It’s important to always have up-to-date anti-virus software and scheduled scans. Coupled with a secure Internet connection and up-to-date information on the latest cyber threats, personal information will remain protected.

2. Change Account Passwords. Experts recommend changing account passwords every three months and using different passwords for each account to keep all email, online bank, and social media profiles safe. A mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers that don’t have direct connection to a person’s identity are ideal.

3. Get a Gmail Account and Use Google Voice. Gmail is 100% free and consumers are advised to get a new, separate account to use for less personal website logins or mailing lists. If this second email falls into the hands of a scammer, they won't have access to the personal information connected to regular email accounts.
Google Voice similarly allows the creation of a new phone number that can be given out, keeping primary numbers protected.

4. Check Bills Online Every Day. Online bills and financial accounts only take a few minutes to scan for bad charges. Once familiar with accounts, it's easy to spot suspicious activity and take action. The sooner a fraudulent charge is seen, the sooner it can be successfully disputed.

5. Organize Important Legal Documents. Gather important documents such as an original birth certificate, passport, Social Security card, marriage certificate, car titles, and home deeds to keep in one safe place such as a secure fire-proof safe in the home or a safety deposit box at the local bank.

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