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5 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

Summertime is full of opportunities to get outside

Summertime is full of opportunities to get outside and be active. For most people, it's tough to stay motivated throughout the winter to keep up with workouts. Here, fitness trainer Lorna Kleidman offers 5 ways to stay active throughout the winter months.

1) Keep a photo of yourself handy from when you were in your best shape. This will keep you motivated to look better. You can also keep a photo of when you were in your worst shape.
2) Post updates on social networks in order to stay in touch with other people in your network who are also working out, this way you can provide support and keep each other motivated.
3) Find a workout buddy. This works similarly to the second tip, however it is more effective since you can actually work out together.
4) Constantly change your workout routine.
5) Remember to count calories, especially during the holidays. When you eat more, you will be more motivated to burn off the fat and extra pounds you gained.

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