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6 Tips to help you win your playoff pool

It's a fantastic time of year when the

It's a fantastic time of year when the hockey playoffs roll around. It should also present a great opportunity for you to add to your bank account if you follow the playoff pool basic strategy.

1. First pick the winners of each series and then draw out the next rounds so you can envision who will get to the semis and who will win the Stanley Cup.

2. Focus on 3 to 4 teams--ideally 2 from each conference. Ensure you are never picking players from a team that will likely get knocked out early. *there are some formats of pools that may change this strategy slightly.

3. Better to pick a star that will go 2 rounds and get you 8 points than a 3rd line player that will only get you points if their team goes all the way--and even then just 5 points.

4. Read the injury report to see if it impacts your team selections and if it affects non-injured players. For example if two players are on the same line and one is injured, then the non-injured player will be paired with new linemates--something to consider.

5. Don't pick with your heart. I am a Montreal fan and often end up picking some player who has no business being selected except for the fact he plays for Montreal. I am sure Toronto fans can identify--when the Leafs make the playoffs.

6. Preceding noted--don't pick a player from a team you despise--it is bad Karma. For me, this permanently bans picking Bruins.

Good Luck!