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A Bit of Compartmentalizing is Healthy

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It's definitely a good thing to let your grief out and express your feelings. That said, I've often found that emotionally taxing events can -- and do -- happen at extremely inopportune times. During these times, you often have other responsibilities to deal with and you can't be breaking down emotionally during these times. In these cases, it's okay (and healthy and beneficial) to compartmentalize your feelings for awhile. If you can, put them aside and focus on the tasks that you need to accomplish. Set a deadline for yourself, put all of your energy into the important tasks, and once they are completed you can take as much time as you need to grieve and decompress. Remember: life always has busy moments and tasks to accomplish, so be sure to only put your feelings aside if you're in the middle of an exceptionally busy or task-oriented project. You can always put aside the smaller daily tasks and take time for yourself.