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A different type of Workout--Thai Boxing

, I was going to the gym and

, I was going to the gym and was getting bored with the same routine and the same machines. It was getting stale and was a chore to stay motivated. I needed a change, and I decided to take up the challenge of Thai Boxing. I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated at first, worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up or fit in. But my fears were unfounded. The atmosphere at Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing was very welcoming and encouraging, with quality instructors training both beginner recreational athletes along with competitive athletes.

I was both surprised and inspired by the number of women taking up the sport. I found it to be a great stress reliever and a challenging all-around workout that delivered both cardio and strength conditioning. I am sweaty and tired, but exhilarated after a workout. I also like the fact that I am learning new skills while getting a workout.

Article and photo submitted by Gisele Guerin