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A Guide to Re - Roofing your home

What’s in this Guide? This guide is for

What’s in this Guide?
This guide is for you if you want to re-roof or extend your current roof.
Within, you'll discover advice on selecting the best profile, energysaving techniques, solutions to frequently asked issues, and much more
to assist you.
Why Re-roof?
Replacing your roof, your home's largest surface area and first line
of defence against Australia's weather, improves its performance,
energy efficiency, and appearance.
If your roof is leaking, it could harm the area inside and above where you
reside. A new roof offers the opportunity to replace damaged tiles without
the trouble of trying to match old and new tiles.
Also, it's a great chance to increase your roof space's insulation and
ventilation, which can result in a healthier, more energy-efficient home.
A new roof can increase the value of your house and is an excellent chance to modernise the outside design.

We provide a complete roofing solution at
Duravex Roofing. Therefore, whether you want to
expand an existing roof or replace it, we’re
confident that among our wide selection of
concrete and terracotta roof tiles, you'll discover
the suitable tile in the right shade.
How do I begin??
Your home could acquire distinctiveness, character, and value by
selecting the right roof tile. Your roof makes a major aesthetic
contribution to the appearance of your house. The roof has a significant
impact on the final appearance of your home because it makes up
around 30% of the facade of a house.
Consider the following while choosing a tile for your home...
Classic or Contemporary Roof Tiles?
Selecting a Roof Tile
Classic or Contemporary?
The term "profile" describes how a roof tile is shaped and created. That is what gives a
roof its own personality. Duravex Roofing offers a variety of profiles, from flat, sleek tiles
to more traditional designs, in collaboration with manufacturers like Bristile Roofing and
Monier Roofing. The roof pitch must be considered when selecting a profile because
some tiles cannot be installed over a particular pitch.
Concrete or Terracotta Roof Tiles?
Concrete roof tiles from Bristile Roofing and Monier Roofing are made of strong
concrete that gets stronger with time. Clay, a naturally occuring commodity that
has been utilised historically as a roofing material, is used to make Monier
terracotta roof tiles. Nothing lasts longer than terracotta in terms of performance
and colour. Each tile is coated with a glaze and heated to over 1,000 °C, which
bakes the colour into the tile and makes it resistant to fading from exposure to the
How is a classic determined?
enduring fashion that has endured
through the years. Classic Roof tiles
with lapped ridging.
The ideal roof material for
contemporary design is flat tiles.
Choose a streamlined ridge for
extra style; we refer to it as A-Line
Bristile Roofing & Monier Roofing Tiles are available in a wide range of colours,
from light neutrals to dark tones. Also, they are available in a range of finishes,
including matte, semi-glazed, and heavy gloss.