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Alternative Guest Book Ideas

So you want a record of everyone who

So you want a record of everyone who was a part of your wedding day...but you don't want just another book gathering dust, never to be looked at again.

As brides embrace their individuality and move away from tradition, more and more are looking for alternative guest book's a few to get you started

Video Diary:
All you need is a camcorder or a smartphone with recording capabilities,(you could ask the wedding videographer to help you out, and add it to the end of your wedding video) Ask your friends to record a short message, giving you advice or sending their love.

Fingerprint tree
You draw the branches, your guests make the leaves! All you need is the picture already drawn ( you can buy one if you're not feeling artistic) and finger-paints in your chosen colours. Each guest makes makes their mark on the tree, leaving you with an adorable picture to hang on your walls long after the wedding.

This is a really kooky idea, and a great one if you've already got children or you're still a kid at heart! Have everyone write their goodwill message on an individual jenga block, for a guestbook with a fun twist.

Wishing tree
Have your guests hang their notes from a small shrub or from bare potted branches for a wedding day feature you can take home.

Photo booth book
Similar to the video idea... have your guests pose for a Polaroid, you could even have a dressing up box to help them get creative. Let them write their message on the photo, front o back, and you can frame them, or stick them in a regular book, whatever you like.

Ceramic Plate
Available from most craft shops or online, this is a great idea for a practical guestbook! It doesn't have to be a plate, if your wedding is big enough you could end up with a whole dinner service! Your guests write their messages with special ceramic-ready pens, and the china is glazed after the big day to make the messages permanent (and dishwasher proof!)

Fabric Guestbook
Whether you fancy a funky new tablecloth, or a string of bunting to bring out at future celebrations, using fabric pens, or fabric paint, your guests can leave their love in linen!