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Avoiding the "friendly girl" scam in Europe

There is something that can happen to male

There is something that can happen to male tourists in Europe; especially Eastern Europe called the Friendly Girls Scam. Here is how it usually goes so you can look out for it: Two or more women approach you asking for directions or offering directions. They aren't super-models, but they are reasonably attractive and seem nice and normal. They end up recommending a specific restaurant/bar/nightclub/whatever. You go with them. You have some drinks, maybe some food. Then the bill arrives and it's very very expensive. A large gentleman is there to "help you pay up". The girls act shocked that it is so much.
If you can't come up with the cash, you will be "assisted" to an ATM to get the cash. If you refuse, the police will be called and they are usually in on it so they' won't help you.
So to sum up: if some strange women approach you in a busy city center and beckon you to go to a specific place, DON'T. Either say no or insist on taking them to a place of YOUR choosing. Try buying them some ice cream and see how they act. That should tell you all you need to know.