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Basic Military Training: Follow The Rules!!!!!

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One thing many recruiters fail to mention about

One thing many recruiters fail to mention about basic training is that you can, and will, be held back if you don't do what you are told. Or if you gain too much weight, or fail to pass physical fitness/education tests. When you arrive at Basic Training, they will make the rules pretty clear so pay attention. One rule when I went through Air Force Basic Training was to remove any and all piercings. But one girl decided she didn’t want to, and when she got caught, she was recycled. Meaning she was removed from our group and sent to another group who was not as far along in training. Meaning she had to stay longer than the then 6 week long training program. Basic Training is not a vacation, and you definitely don't want to have to stay longer then you have to. Especially since that means your graduation date will change, and friends and family who were planning on coming will have to change travel plans, if they can even change them at all. So for crying out loud, do every single thing your instructors tell you to do. Do not take it personally, it is all part of the process. Do not think you can get away with something because you absolutely won't. The instructors have eyes and ears everywhere.