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Beat Family Members at Scrabble

One of the great things in life is

One of the great things in life is relaxing with family and playing games. Even better is winning the game you are playing even if it is against an 85 year old relative who has trouble seeing.

Scrabble is a great game and the breakthrough for me to scoring consistently over 300 ties to suffixes like ing, er, ers, etc. The biggest scores are usually tied to 7- letter words and the 50 pt bonus you get. Focusing on 4 or 5 letter words and then adding the suffix to make it 7 is surprisingly easy to do.

The second key is to collect the key suffix letters --my favorite is er as they are versatile letters. Also, the blank tile is the best in my opinion--it always leads to a 7 letter word. So there you go--enjoy and score.