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Broke? You can still eat a little better than ramen

Survive like this: Buy pasta. You can get

Survive like this:
Buy pasta. You can get a box of pasta (spaghetti, rotini, penne, fettuccini, etc) for a dollar at Wal-Mart. It goes a long way (hellooo leftovers), is filling, and you can make a lot of different types. Get creative!
1. Buy frozen vegetables in bags so it will last longer. At Wal-Mart, these usually run between one and two dollars.
2. Cut back on junk food. Face it. It is junk first and food never. You are practically throwing your money away.
3. Speaking of junk, if you must, get ONE thing that you like and make sure it is good. Savor it and don’t buy anymore that month.
4. Drink more water and less sodas and juices. If you must, flavor your water with cheap alternatives instead.
5. If someone invites you to dinner, take them up on it with a smile.
6. Don’t eat out at all—even fast food. Especially fast food.