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Choosing A Military Job: Research, Research, Research!

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Before you sign up for a job in

Before you sign up for a job in the military, do your research! Don't just pick something because it sounds cool. Pick something that you feel will work with the kind of military life you want to have. Some things to consider:
-Do you want a desk job or an outside job?
-Do you want to deploy frequently?
-Do you want a job that has a bonus? (Extra money you receive upon completion of training. These usually go with jobs that are more difficult.)
-Do you want a job with regular hours or do you mind having a rotating schedule?
-Will this job get you stationed in the kinds of places you want to live? (Some jobs are very limited in the bases it can go.)
-Is this job a hard career field to promote in?
-Will this job give you time to pursue your education?
-Do people with this job actually like it?
-How long is the technical training for this job?
-How difficult is the training? Does it have a high fail rate?
-Does this job translate well into the kind of career you want to have once you leave the military

A great way to find this out is to research online. The attached link is an awesome resource. Also ask your recruiter about speaking to people who have the job you want. If you live close to base, you may be able to go see the job in action. This is your potential career and your life. Do not be afraid to ask questions and look for answers. Do not let your recruiter bully you into doing something you don't want to do.