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Chuck Negron, Three Dog Night--drug addiction

"I am not a self-righteous, religious zealot.  However, I do know in my heart that I am a living miracle, and that miracle is a gift from a loving and forgiving God.

You don’t know what you can go through until you do.  You can’t do it alone though, and whatever your challenge, get support.  Have the ability to learn and change.  Accept humility and take responsibility, and when you get through your trouble, you will have as your reward, a passion for life like you have never had.  Willing to be wrong and learn again is a wonderful gift that brings back the childlike joys of life.

It’s never to late to live your life."

Bio: Chuck Negron was one of the three lead singers of Three Dog Night, which, in the early part of the seventies, was one of the top rock ‘n’ roll acts in the world, releasing twelve consecutive gold albums. His voice is still continually heard today as the lead singer on songs such as One, Joy to the World (the band’s most recognized hit), Easy to Be Hard and Old Fashioned Love Song.  Countless other hits were recorded in the short period from 1968 to 1975, before the band broke up in 1976.  Unfortunately, his biggest challenge was breaking a 20+ year heroin habit--he successfully did so in 1991. Provided by: