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Class Excuses: Quirky Reason Tips

Thanks to my friend Daryl J. (who is

Thanks to my friend Daryl J. (who is a teaching assistant) for providing information for this tip. Here are four legit ways to get excused from class for a quirky reason.

1.) Your pet was stolen and you missed class because you formed a search party to recover them. This student's absence was excused because he brought three different fliers, pictures from the search, and a signed letter with people from the search verifying that there was indeed a search, and a police report. I hope the pet was found.

2.) Your hair was burned in a hair dryer mishap. This student was excused from an 8 a.m. lab class because her hair was singed (the night before) to the point that she had to spend the rest of the night trying to correct the damage. She used her Facebook statuses and pictures as evidence.

3.) You had car trouble. This might sound very plausible, but this student's car trouble was out of the ordinary. Daryl said this student had a tardy excused because his convertible's top was down during an overnight thunderstorm. He was late to class because he was trying to dry it out.

4.) Another case of excused tardy includes a student who was running late because her heel got caught int a sidewalk grate. Her evidence was her broken heel and the pedicure slippers she wore (good thing she had those laying around).

These are just four of the many shared. However, these stood out because they were unusual but plausible. So if you ever need an excuse give a spin to one of these.