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The Deacon Dalmatic Vestment is adorned with classic red coronation Tapestry

The Dalmatics can be made from any of the following fabric options

* Damask Fabric

* Brocade Fabric

* Polyester Fabric

The Dalmatics is made with no lining but it can be made lined for additional $15 only.

Matching Deacon Stole is optional for extra $15.

Standard size Dalmatics measures 53" in length and 63" in width from one end of the sleeve to another.
It can also be customized to any size.
Please note the below instructions before selecting size option:

1. Standard Size suits to Person with Chest upto 43 inches and upto 5 feet 9 inches in height

2. Made to Measure suits to Person with Chest above 43 inches and taller than 5 feet 9 inches.