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Create Your Own Bookshelf Anywhere

If you're in your first apartment or maybe a college version of an apartment, you're probably strapped for cash and living in a pretty tiny space. Before splurging on a bookshelf that will make your apartment look even smaller, consider these ideas:

1. Closet Shelving - Most apartment closets have high shelving units that are mostly used for storage. Instead, get the most out of your shelf by arranging your books across it. Your closet will look neater and you won't need that bookshelf.

2. Use Counter Tops Wisely - If you're in an apartment with a bar style counter top, take advantage of the space by using it to display your books. It'll make your space look richer and more put together, and you won't need to search for a place to put a bulky bookshelf. Get really vintage and fill empty tea or coffee tins with rocks or marbles for makeshift bookends.

3. Kitchen Reading - Unless you're a culinary fanatic, chances are you're not spending a ton on fancy kitchen gadgets and cookware for your first place. So, show off your collection in the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen will instantly look smarter.