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Date? Get Outdoorsy!

So you want to show your barista a

So you want to show your barista a great time? But you also want to see if she might be worth keeping around for a while, or at least taking on a second date?

How about an "endurance date"?

Find a vast park in your city. And go get lost in it. On purpose. Maybe do some recon on the park first, so YOU will know your way around, but keep her out there for a good five hours or so. Only bring one water bottle, so you two lovebirds can bond over the exciting practice of rationing. Act like you know how to track animals, or navigate using the wind or something. She will be impressed. Then calmly and confidently lead her back to the parking lot like an action hero. Then you guys can grab some pho and recover!

Crazy? Yes. But at least you'll have a good time, or at least a laugh at her expense afterwards. And if she enjoyed it, then congrats, she might be a keeper!