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"You're from where?" is the reaction I predictably get from people who have never met anyone from Delaware (esp. when I am overseas and I meet other Americans), one of the lesser known USA states. People tend to drive through the state rather than to it, given its location along Interstate 95, a major highway that spans the entire East Coast.

Although I would recommend it for tax free shopping during Yuletide or for any occasion. Delaware (DE) is known as the First State in America. It is the second smallest state right after Rhode Island. A wonderful place to raise a family or to retire, the small, mainly rural state is home to Vice President Joe Biden.

Historically it was a major stop on the Underground Railroad toward the end of the slavery era in the 1800s. My family purchased our first home in Wilmington, the largest city in the northern part of DE. If you ever get the chance, plan a trip to the state, which borders Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Rehoboth and Dewey are two common beaches in the southern part that attract huge crowds every summer. The next time you meet a Delawarean, remember this tip and consider yourself privy to this obscure region of the Mid-Atlantic.