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Deposition Translation Services

A deposition is a legal document used in

A deposition is a legal document used in court proceedings. It contains all the information gathered from the witness for a court trial. A witness gives deposition after a crime. It is then recorded and used as evidence in the courtroom. In a court trial, everything can be recorded using a mobile phone or any other digital recording device. These recorded audios/videos have to be transcribed and translated into the target language for further proceeding. Considering the globalization of businesses, documents in any language need to be in the native/official language of the country where it is going to be submitted. These documents need to be translated with great accuracy and courts worldwide accept only certified deposition translations. These translations must be done only by professional deposition translators as there should be no scope for errors.
Certified Deposition Translation Services
Vanan Translation provides certified deposition translations at affordable prices in more than 100 languages. The translations are done by experienced translators who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Further, it is understood that deposition translation services are legal documents, hence, an NDA will be inked to keep the information secure and in safe hands.