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Donating Through Grief: The Anderson's Story

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Source: Milk for Thought Amy Anderson shares her experience with donating human breastmilk: When Bryson was stillborn at 20 weeks, the doctors didn't think I would lactate. However, my body had a grief of its own, and its tears were flowing white. I felt, that through my heartbreak, I still had some purpose as Bryson's Mommy. So for 8 months following my Bryson's birth, I expressed and donated over 87 gallons of his milk between the MMBO and MMBNE. His milk has gone to several NICUs throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and even Sick Children's in Canada. I know that besides helping others with this gift, it helped me too; to stay close with him, and help me work through my heart-wrenching grief. Bryson is a tiny hero whose legacy will forever live on in the lives of other babies who have begun to thrive due to his gift of Mommy's milk!