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Dos/Don'ts of Online Date Messaging

-Do ask questions: This is a great way

-Do ask questions: This is a great way to stimulate conversations. Some people don't like it because it feels like an interview, but honestly how else are you supposed to get to know someone?

-Don't let the conversation be one-sided: This is very frustrating and a bit rude. If someone is messaging you and you are interested, show your interest by also asking questions and engaging in the conversation.

-Don't talk about sex: Unless you are just looking to hook-up, leave sex out of the conversation. It is tacky and something that can be discussed once you finally meet in person. If you are truly looking for a relationship, your focus when messaging should be getting to know that person.

-Do be honest: This is an obvious one but still important to address. Don't try and be what you think other people want. Always be yourself!

-Don't be defensive: Try and maintain and friendly and upbeat attitude. Don't let past experiences color your responses. And if the person you are messaging is giving you red flags, just block them and discontinue communication.

-No bathroom humor: Keep it clean. You are not 12 so jokes like this are just annoying. And besides you have no idea what kind of humor that person likes yet.