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Driving through Roundabouts

For some a roundabout is a new concept.

For some a roundabout is a new concept. However they still involve a lot of common driving skills. Observing your surroundings, signs, signals, etc are all part of navigating a roundabout. Here are a few tips to help things go smoothly.

1. As you approach the roundabout, look for signage to choose your exit. Choose which lane to use as you would for any other intersection.

2. Do visual checks of all vehicles already in the roundabout and those waiting to enter (including cyclists).
Look left: Traffic in the roundabout has the right-of-way. When preparing to enter the roundabout, pay special attention to the vehicles to your left. Adjust your speed or stop at the yield sign if necessary.

3. Watch for a safe opportunity to enter the roundabout. Enter when there is an adequate gap (3 car lengths is a good rule of thumb) in the circulating traffic flow. Don’t enter directly beside another already in the roundabout, as that may be exiting at the next exit.

4. Travel counter-clockwise: Once in the roundabout, always keep to the right of the central island and travel in a counter-clockwise direction.
Keep moving: Once you are in the roundabout, do not stop except to avoid a collision; you have the right-of-way over entering traffic. Do not change lanes while in the roundabout. If in the inside lane and you miss your exit, you must continue around until you meet your exit again.
5. Be sure to signal your exit and watch for pedestrians.
Maintain your lane: Stay to the left if you entered from the left lane, or stay to the right if you entered from the right lane. Once you have passed the exit before the one you want, use your right-turn signal.
Left lane exit: If exiting from the left lane, watch out for vehicles on the right that continue to circulate around the roundabout.

6. If you are in a roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches, exit at your intended exit and proceed beyond the traffic island before pulling over. If you have not entered the roundabout yet, pull over to the right if possible and wait until the emergency vehicle has passed.