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Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal (Natural Nails)

It's so utterly frustrating, trying to remove glitter nail polish from your natural nails. You really love the look of the glitter and glam, but it can be such a pain to remove!

My beeeeaautiful granddaughter, Bree, who is a whiz at nail art, passed this tip on.

Simply cut 10 small rectangle shapes of aluminum foil (they will be wrapped around your nail).

Next soak a piece of cotton (cotton ball or cotton eye makeup remover pads cut into quarters) in polish remover.

Place one soaked piece of cotton on each nail, then wrap the nail with one piece of the aluminum foil. Wait 5 minutes and WALLA!!

It used to take me 5 minutes to just clean off 2 or 3 nails! Since you are dealing with glitter, there may be stray glitter here or there that can be quickly removed or brushed off.

Really works! Thanks, Bree!