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Easy Grease Stain Remover

Have you ever gotten a grease spot in

Have you ever gotten a grease spot in your favorite shirt or blouse? Well, I have. It is a pain, especially when it's still there after a quick wash. Where other washing products might not have worked, dish-washing soap might do the trick.

Get a bottle of any brand dish-washing soap that has the word "degreaser" on the bottle. It has to be a degreasing type. Next, mix a table spoon of the soap with a table spoon of water. Dab the simple mixture on the grease spot. You can use a cotton swab or even your finger. Rub it into the spot, evenly coating it. Make sure it soaks through. Lastly, give it another wash, and presto it should be out. If a little spot remains, just reapply more of the mixture and rewash.

This is good for set in stains as well as fresh. Dish-washing soap isn't just for dishes!