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Fairfield Bedside Table Acacia with Metal Knobs in Brass Finish

Buy now - The Fairfield Bedside Table

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The Fairfield Bedside Table is a modest complement to the mid-century-inspired contemporary furniture. Made of high-quality
Acacia wood, the bed side table has a natural Sheesham finish on the exterior. The two large drawers with brass finished metal knobs can keep a variety of daily essentials within arm's reach while providing storage convenience.

Years Of Durability with Acacia Wood

The Fairfield small bedside table is handcrafted with Acacia wood, an Indian hardwood known for its strength, structure, moisture, and scratch resistance. The wood comes with its distinct characteristics of beautiful color, scent, resistance to moisture and overall durability. Acacia’s natural tones, thin grain and ingrained patterns make it an ideal choice for handcrafted furniture for modern as well as traditional homes. Elegant, handcrafted pieces made out of Acacia are an art exhibit in themselves.The wood is distinguished by the huge thorns, swirling, wavy patterns, and its exceptional colour to produce a more intricate look in your bedroom.

Contemporary Design with A Natural Finish

The Sheesham finishing on the acacia wood renders a smooth finish and lustre while adding a touch of refinement to the bedroom. The unique finish on the bedside table in Thomastown allows effortless maintenance and can be wiped clean easily.

Ample Drawer Space for Extra Storage and Functionality

The Acacia wood bedside table with a luxurious gold touch captures the light and creates a wonderful homely environment in the bedroom. The furniture includes two spacious drawers with brass-finished metal handles that contribute to the overall elegance of the Acacia bedside table. Elegant and subtle to look at, the bedside table seamlessly settles into modern bedrooms while providing functionality and storage convenience.

Material & Finish

➣ Acacia Wood, Metal Handle
➣ Shm Natural Finish, Mdm Handle with Brass Finish