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Fanfiction Writing: Do's and Don'ts

Been reading a good fanfic and want to try it out for yourself? Here's 5 dos and don'ts about how to make it work out for ya.

1. Have fun. A great rule for any type of writing (original or fanfic). If you're not having fun, don't even bother continuing the story.
2. Figure out what your story is about before you start writing. See #4 on the "Don't" list.
3. Update when you feel like it (but don't take a year).
4. Communicate with your fans.
5.Spell check. Seriously.

1. Post a chapter you just wrote 20 minutes ago. See number 5 of the "Do" list.
2. Ignore your fans or insult them.
3. Take a year to update unless you have a good reason ;)
4. Start a story, get a good following, then erase all the chapters and start over in the middle.
5.Take yourself too seriously. It's fanfiction! Have a good time!