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Friend Zone'd: Because Sometimes You Just Have To

How to keep another person in the friend zone.

1. Talk about how attractive other people are around them.
2. If they try to hold your hand or be romantic towards you, shut them down immediately and look at them like "fool, gitcho hands offa me".
3. Avoid doing things alone with this person. When they invite you out, invite your girls or guys out with you and make it a group thing. That'll ruin the mood for sure. MWHAHAH!
4.Emphasize that you see them as a friend without actually having that conversation.
5. Never ever imply that you find them attractive (even if they are).
6. Degenderize them (that is not a word but you get my point) and make them know that you have done such.
7. Be inappropriate around them (burping, etc) though this could be misconstrued...

Just don't lead them on. They'll get the hint.