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Heroin Addiction—how I have kept clean

Since 1995, I have been completely clean of heroin. Avoiding drugs will be a lifelong challenge. My goal is to be someone that my son, Zachary will be proud of so that he will not be embarrassed when other kids ask, “What does your father do?” I have a strong faith, although I do not go to church often. We still say our prayers, and Zack and I talk about God.

Zack’s mother and I parted company because she was still using heroin. He was going to be put into foster homes because she could not take care of him, and they would not let an ex-heroin junkie like me have custody. This motivated me to find a way to move from homelessness to a small one-bedroom apartment.

The key for me was disconnecting from street people and going into rehabilitation. I knew I had to clean up my own act first, and then start with a plan for the future. I have been consistent in reporting to the people who are trying to help me, such as counselors from the John Howard society and each day I do calisthenics.

Reprinted with permission