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Hosting a Radio Show

With the advent of new technologies, along with

With the advent of new technologies, along with the internet, radio is a field that has opened up to a great degree. All kinds of new talent and niche programs now have the ability to spring up, as well as entire new business concepts. Think of companies like Pandora,, etc, as well as all-talk stations in niche genres like sports or metaphysics. There are all sorts of ways to get into the game now, and even make some money if you can attract enough listeners. I spoke with a radio host who has been broadcasting live and putting out podcasts for a little over three years now, and she gave me some insider tips into making it work:

1. Know your audience. Many people get into podcasting or radio simply to hear their own voice. You need to know who you are speaking to, and what they are interested in hearing. If you are an authority on some subject, act like it. If you are doing a sports talk show, you will be speaking with sports fans. They are notoriously easy to rile up. Plan your show around your audience, and they will take to you better.

2. Plan. Either hire a producer or act as your own, but have a game plan before you get stuck on the air with nothing, or nobody to talk to. Plan segments, find guests, make people want to call into your show. Have a dedicated time for callers. Be consistent with your format. Go for an hour with one or two commercial breaks, or none at all.

3. Listen to feedback. Get analytical data about your show, or ratings if available. See what parts of your show get the highest amount of listeners, and see how you can try to capitalize on it. Listen to feedback from your listeners. Maybe they hate something you do? Maybe the love it? Either way, as much as you are talking, listening may be more important.