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How Can I Deal With The Stress of a New Job?

New jobs present many changes and challenges, and

New jobs present many changes and challenges, and it’s natural to feel stress over this. There are several things you can do to both relieve stress and combat its effects. Here are some suggestions in dealing with stress at a new job or in any other situation that requires change and adjustment:
• Find Support: If you can, find support from co-workers, from people in your life, and here. Talking about what’s stressing you and finding resources in your school should help a lot.
• Quick Stress Relievers: Have some quick stress relievers that you can use when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Breathing exercises, for example, can help slow or reverse the fight-or-flight response you experience when stressed, which saves the wear and tear on your health that chronic stress can cause. Use PACE a Brain Gym exercise which takes 3 minutes.
• Have a Regular Stress Relief Hobby: Try to maintain some time in your life to enjoy a passion! I strongly recommend regular exercise, quiet time, having a hobby, or another regular practice that you also enjoy.
• Take Care of Yourself: If you’re able to eat right, get enough sleep, and take vitamins, you’ll be less worn down physically so you’ll be less reactive to stress, and you’ll be in better overall health.
Managing Job Stress: Getting Along With Co-Workers and Thriving
A happy worker is a productive worker. Here is some information that should help you deal with job stress and be both.Job Stress: Chronic Job Stress is a Risk Factor for Heart Disease and Diabetes
Recent studies have found a link between chronic job stress and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. Learn what you can do to reduce work-related stress and stay healthier.