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How to Find your own Voice

Nobody wants to read something written by a

Nobody wants to read something written by a robot and I can help give you a voice by following these three tips.

1) Use lots of exhilarating adjectives to give your writing tons spice and flavor to keep the reader interested in your work.

To show how effective juicy adjectives are here is the first tip reworded in a less flavorful manor.

1b) Use adjectives to keep your reader interested in your work.

You can easily tell that the first one is less robotic than the second one which states the facts but loses the voice that everybody has within them.

2) Write to a specific audience and not everybody. This tip applies more to you authors out there but if it is for an exam you can write directly towards your professor as well if you know their preferences. If your writing towards a teen audience, you can use more slang and if your writing a thriller you can keep the reader on the edge of their seat by painting clear pictures in their minds.

3) Know your style. If you are an incredibly happy energetic person a sad or horror book may not be the way to go. If you are a more mysterious or dark person than you could write a horror book. The bottom line is that you should stick to your personality because that will be the most natural for you to write and probably the one that your audience will like the most.

These tips will give you an enormously powerful voice which your audience will love.