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How to Hit More Fairways Without Changing your Swing

The secret to hitting more fairways is to

The secret to hitting more fairways is to know which way your ball moves. If you hit a hook you will want to aim to the right so that your shot starts to the right rough and then curves back into the fairway instead of going into the left rough. If you hit a slice your going to want to aim to the left so that the ball curves to the right and ends up in the fairway. If your ball can curve both ways the best thing that you can do is trust your swing and commit to the shot. That takes out the risk of not committing to the shot and changing your swing last minute causing you to hit the ball out of bounds. Left handed golfers are going to want to aim in the opposite direction of what I said earlier.

The most important thing to remember is to trust your swing and know where you can miss the ball. If there's out of bounds to the left and rough to the right, aim more to the right so that if you hit your shot poorly, your shot will end up in the right rough instead of out of bounds.

These tips will help you to lower your score and take most of the stress out of your golf game and let you enjoy your rounds with your friends.

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