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How to Look Good in Pictures

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If you take photos from your phone on

If you take photos from your phone on a regular basis, here are some tips to make your photos (or you) pop.

1. Lighting: Lighting is vital for good-looking pictures, but unfortunately not every smartphone comes with a lighting equipment. Avoid taking pictures by windows. Natural light is nice, but you don't want your face to be dark. One great way of creating natural looking pictures is to close your blinds and curtains ,and then turn on indoor lights. That way you won't get any dark shadows on your face.

2. Angle: Avoid placing your camera (or smartphone) below your eye level, unless you're creating artsy photos. Place your camera phone about 10-15 degrees higher then your eye level and look up. This angle will make your eyes look bigger and chin smaller. If your double-chin always bothers you in pictures, this is a must-do for your double-chin to disappear.

3. Always take more: People blink, so always take more than just one photo, especially when you have more than 3 people in your picture. Once done, zoom in and check if anyone blinks or has hair sticking out. The last thing you want is to realize everyone looks great but your eyes are half closed.

4. Makeups: Ladies, if you know you will be taking a lot of photos that day, a slightly heavier makeup is always helpful. Camera eats up a lot of makeup effects, so you may use eyeshadows and blush that are slightly more pigmented then your daily makeup, or simply draw thicker eyelines to look more awake. With that being said, your base makeup should always stay the same. Extra powder will only enhance fine lines around your eyes and mouth. Keep the base makeup clean and use concealer for acne scars if necessary.

5. Photo apps: Finally, there are some photo apps that can help you edit your pictures that are too dark or unflattering. PS Express and Instagram have features that allow you to adjust color tones and lighting effects. They also let you crop out unnecessary parts so viewers' attention will be directed to you when they see your pictures.

I hope you find these 5 tips useful. Happy picture taking!