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How to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Oftentimes when people move away from home for

Oftentimes when people move away from home for the first time or just move to somewhere new, it doesn't feel like home. Try these tips to make it feel more like it.

1. Add pictures of family and friends
2. Bring quirky things that personalize the space and or that remind you of people close to you (for example, unique salt and pepper shakers or cute decorations like those in the picture above)
3. Customize your kitchen. Get sugar and flower containers, get a holder for kitchen utensils like wooden spoons and whisks, get towels in your favorite colors etc.
4. Add things like plants and flowers to make the space feel lively
5. Add floor lamps and other types of lights to create a peaceful ambiance. Many people use fun lights to liven up a space