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How to Organize an Apartment for Less

It is possible to find attractive organizational pieces

It is possible to find attractive organizational pieces for an apartment for less, you just have to know when and where to look!

1. Look at garage sales for vintage pieces and then you can paint them! That is what I did with the blue bench in the picture above, it is cute for my entryway and it holds so much stuff!
2. Bookshelves are great for holding decorative items as well as books and other things. I put a hole in mine for my printer cord and put all of my school stuff in the bottom half of the bookshelf. If you look around the time that college students are moving in you can get this on sale for a great price!
3. Find a dresser or shelf of some type that you can put cute boxes in. This way you are organized and have plenty of space for all of your things.
4. Organize jewelry in storage containers with drawers and put other items like books or things that you don't use as often and put them in the closet. This will maximize your closet space!