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How To Prepare For Grand Theft Auto V

After years of experimenting with cowboys, detectives and Max Payne, Rockstar Games released the fifth installment of their acclaimed “Grand Theft Auto” series on Sept. 17. However, due to little commitments like “school” or “employment,” some may have to wait before diving head first into GTA V. If you fall into this category, here are a few suggestions on how to effectively bide your time until you can drive back into Los Santos.

1. Replay another GTA game – time constraints may get in the way of this one, but if you’ve already beaten a previous title, just load your last save. If you’ve already beaten the game, you’ll have all the locations and weapons unlocked. Use this privilege to practice driving, shooting and… drive-by shooting.

2. Watch heist movies – GTA has always been heavily influenced by movies, so it stands to reason that watching some modern day heist films will get you into the mood for some robbery. One of the game’s newest features is the ability to take control of three different characters during heists, so perhaps “Ocean’s Eleven” is an appropriate viewing choice.

3. Buy snacks – if you’re going to effectively go on a GTA V binge in the near future, you’ll need sustenance. Potato chips, soda, pretzels – whatever suits you. Making real food just wastes precious playing time, so plan accordingly.

4. Rob somebody on the street to immerse yourself – just kidding, don’t actually do anything illegal.