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Inspired to Journal - How to start journaling for veterans and novitiates alike

Dedication to a journaling practice has its challenges,

Dedication to a journaling practice has its challenges, but there can be tremendous value in all of our writing - even the journal entries that might seem to us to be dark, hopeless, repetitive, or perhaps even worthless drivel. Journaling can provide a clear snapshot of who we are and what we are going through at various times in our lives. It can also serve as an opportunity to sift through the many layers to find our Truth.

Inspired to Journal is for journaling veterans and novitiates alike. This e-book will provide inspiration to those who wish to begin a journaling practice but may not quite know how to begin, and will benefit those who have experienced first-hand the joy of journaling, but may need encouragement to pick up their pen once more.

You can download a preview of the e-book at the link below!