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Keep calm and go camping

Ditch the devices and hit the road this summer

Committing to a savings plan and budget doesn’t mean you have to give up this year’s family vacation. Camping is one of the most fun and lowest-cost ways to get away, relax and reconnect with the family. Canada has an abundance of national parks and campsites with a cost, on average, of about $30 a night – much less than the cost of a hotel room.

Here are a few tips to ensure everyone is a happy camper when you hit the road this summer.

1. Plan ahead

Campgrounds require reservations – book your spot early to avoid disappointment. Also, arrive early enough to set up your site before it gets dark.

2. Make a list

To ensure nothing is forgotten, it’s best to make lists of all the items you want to bring. Make note of important items like games for the kids to play, fishing rods (if fishing is allowed) and, of course, corkscrews. Sunscreen and bug spray are also key. By bringing everything you need, you can avoid having to pay premium prices for these items after you have left the city.

3. Check your gear

Before you hit the road, check all your gear and make sure it is in good condition and you have all the necessary parts. If you need to replace any equipment, see if you can borrow from friends or look for used items to keep your costs down.

4. Safety First

Be prepared for any emergency with a first aid kit stocked with bandages, antiseptic wipes, antihistamines and painkillers. Don’t forget to pack any personal medications too.

5. Keep the kids busy

Cheap entertainment abounds in national parks and campsites. Go for a hike or swim. Or hold a scavenger hunt for items like pine cones and shells, and then use these items for an arts and crafts activity.

6. The campsite rule

Leave your site in better condition than you found it. Be sure to use existing trails and campsites, and dispose of all waste appropriately. Where fires are permitted, keep them small and ensure they are extinguished completely before you leave.

With a little planning, your camping trip is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Feel free to contact our office to set up an automatic savings plan so that you continue to build towards your future while you’re away.