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Kicking the Old Gym Routine to the Curb

How to Rev up your Gym Routine:
1. Go to the gym with a purpose. If you have a plan, either that be on paper or just in your head, you are more likely to spend your time wisely and not wander around aimlessly sipping your protein shake.
2. Update your tunes. Working out to a new playlist makes working a lot more fun and enjoyable. Find remixes to your favourite songs, just make sure to keep the singing aloud to a minimum.
3. Go with a buddy. Set up a time and stick to it. Feeling as though someone else is depending on you to show up will make it much easier to stick to your workout schedule.
4. Try a new fitness class or sport. Group settings will bring out your competitive side and get you reaching your goals. Check out Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing in Peterborough for a real adrenaline rush.
5. Get some new gear. You’ll be more inclined to workout if you feel good in what you’re wearing.
6. Be confident. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. This is your time in the gym, stay focused and positive.

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