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Leggings: Get It Right!

Get It Right!

Leggings have become very popular for all ages over the last few years but, many people do not wear them correctly. Here are a few quick tips to wear any pair of leggings the right way.
1. Make sure to wear them with a Tunic! Leggings are footless tights not pants!
2. Add accessories to make an ordinary outfit fun! A simple necklace, watch, and earrings can make a black pair into a cute happy hour outfit.
3. Make sure to buy the correct size. For example, someone who wears a size 6-8 should buy a medium.
4. Finally, try Leggings with crazy designs. These are fun and funky. Many stores like Body Central, Target, Macy’s, and T.J. Maxx have leggings with different designs.

Following these steps can make any outfit fashionable.