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Leslie Mouton--cancer

It is very important that all women, including young women, know they are at risk and that every lump should be taken seriously.  It is crucial to find it early and know that if you develop breast cancer as a young woman, you are especially at risk to develop an aggressive type.

If you’re facing adversity, let go and allow God to help.  You can really get through anything.   I believe he can make any aspect in your life a blessing if you allow him to do so.  Secondly,  you have to let your friends and family help.  Rely on them for support.   Do not take it all upon yourself.

If you have a positive attitude, good things will happen, but if you wallow in self pity, thinking “poor me, poor me,” then tomorrow will probably be a terrible day.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself or let your brain run away with crazy thoughts of the worst that can happen.

One big thing I learned from all this is how precious, unappreciated, and short life is.  We take it for granted.  We focus on what is unimportant.  Personally, before I found out I had cancer, I wasted a lot of my time at home, going over tape after tape, rewinding and fast forwarding, instead of spending quality time with my precious two-year-old.

We will all die someday and it may happen because of cancer, a car accident, or old age, but it is crucial that people pay attention to the things that matter, and not wait until some tragedy in their life wakes them up.  We do not have control over how we die but we do have control over how we live.  I think it is really important that we realize that if we had a bad day, we still had a day, and an opportunity to do something great.

Bio: Leslie Mouton is a television anchor who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35 Provided by: