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Lose the Keychains, Kid.

Do you keys look like the set jammed

Do you keys look like the set jammed into the ignition in the photo above? Do you lovveeee keychains and just can't attach enough to your keyring? Do you think everyone needs to see you walking around like a janitor or a jailor, with several pounds of shiny garbage hanging from your keys? Well it's time to stop.

Why are excessive keychains a bad thing? First off, they make you look crazy. You can collect keychains, just leave them at home. You don't need "flair" for the key to your Corolla. And god-forbid you ever have to valet your car.... those poor valets will spend five minutes just looking for the correct key. Do everyone a favor and lighten the load.

They other reason to lose the chains is that they can actually harm your vehicle. And according to a Snopes article, if you drive a Volkswagen, you might be in more danger than other makes. The excess weight of the keys puts undue stress on the ignition, causing it to wear out.

So if you want to start your car with a butterknife, keep the keyrings. Otherwise, watch out for your ignition and lighten the load.