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Making the Most Out of Small Closets

If you're in a dorm or your first apartment, you're probably dealing with a tiny closet that's over-packed and filled with clutter. Here are some tips on how to organize this space for good:

1. Hang Optional - Only hang clothes that you need to hang or that you wear the most. Invest in dressers or drawers for the rest and pack seasonal clothes away until they're needed.

2. Color Coordinate - Color coordinating won't cut down on size, but it will make organizing your space a whole lot easier. You'll know exactly where everything is and where to put everything away.

3. Hanging Storage - If you don't already have one, buy hanging storage shelves for shoes or sweaters. It may seem like it takes away from your hanging space, but you'll be able to use it to store more sweaters, shoes, tees, and purses than you could without it. It also breaks up the monotony of closets, giving your space a more appealing look.

4. Over the Door Storage - If you still need more space, look for a small over the door storage system for shoes. Many even have hooks that you can use for purses, belts, and scarves.

5. Raise the Bar - If you're able to, try raising your closet rod a foot or so higher. This will keep your clothes in arms reach, but give you more room to add a second rod or store dressers, drawers, or shoe storage on the floor.